Welcome Glen de la Cour, Our New Software Developer!

It’s our pleasure to announce that Glen de la Cour has joined us as our new Software Developer.

Glen has worked in IT since he left school, starting off at British Gas in Southampton. He then moved on to work at Friends Provident in Salisbury, IBM in Portsmouth and eventually SITA in London – before going “abroad” for three years to work at the Allied Irish Bank in Dublin. After that, he returned to England to work at Palmer & Harvey in Brighton, where he’s been for the past seven years – before joining Ibcos.

Throughout his career, Glen has spent a lot of time working on the IBM mainframe and other legacy technology, developing whatever systems various companies need. Most recently, he’s been working on the projects supporting these legacy systems and helping convert them to newer technology platforms.

It is this experience that has brought Glen to Ibcos. He also sees this as the opportunity to work in a completely different industry and learn new skills.

Glen was born in Southampton, where he still resides. He’s also a season ticket holder at St. Mary’s – a burden he has passed on to his thirteen-year-old son in the same way his dad passed it on to him. As if suffering the game isn’t enough, Glen has been writing a blog for nine years on the trials and tribulations of the team.

He also has two daughters, one who is nineteen, currently at university, and one who is eighteen, about to go to one. While the kids are away, Glen’s wife gets to “suffer” – as he puts it – through his past-time as an “enthusiastic but limited guitar player.” According to him, his music sounds great when he’s performing, but once he records it and listens back… it, sadly, doesn’t.

Fortunately for us, music is not part of the job. Since joining us in May, Glen has already had plenty of accomplishments, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else he has to offer.

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