Ibcos Gold Spring 2020 Release (v7.21)

Warranty Receipt

A new option has been added to allow adjustments made for warranty loss or gain on labour to adjust the hours as well as the value. Using this new option will make Labour Efficiency reporting more accurate.


Stihl Product Registration

Some improvements have been made to the Stihl Product Registration integration:

  • A new customer type has been added for Extended Warranty.
  • The delivery address for the sale will now be sent if available and if not, the customer details from the header will be used.
  • A new option has been added to the Serial Number Enquiry program to view the Customer Type set for a sale. If this was not set at the time of sale, then a Customer Type can be set within the program to ensure the registration is sent to Stihl.

Full details on this integration can be found here.


Gold Service Portal

New look and feel to the job screen

We’ve introduced a new view of the job screen. Instead of rows of jobs, contained in separate tabs of In Progress and Logged for Checking, you’ll now see both sets of jobs on one screen in columns. This new view has been introduced for 2 reasons

  • The first is to improve the user experience as you no longer have to switch between the different tabs to see the jobs
  • The second is to support the introduction of the new Multi Authorisation feature

There are search and filter options and a new ‘quick view’ pop up window showing you the key details of the job. In addition, you can also minimise the left hand menu to display more information on screen.

Multi Authorisation Feature

This refers to the process of having more than one person check a job in the Gold Service Customer Portal, before it is invoiced. As each dealer will have a different process for approving jobs, we’ve designed this so that it can be uniquely configured to ensure that it works for everyone. An example includes ‘Service Department check’, ‘Parts Department check’ and ‘Admin check’. Key features of this new development are:

  • Add columns to mimic your process
  • Rename and delete columns as required
  • Move jobs through the authorisation flow by dragging and dropping

Ibcos are unable to recommend what processes you should implement when using the Multii Authorisation feature, but we do strongly suggest you start with a very simple process of no more than 3 or 4 authorisation columns.

Please note: The new job screen and Multi Authorisation feature in the Portal will not be visible when you first load v7.21 – we will be switching this on a few weeks later and you will receive a new communication when this happens.

You can find more information on the new Job Screen and Multi Authorisation feature here.

Download the v7.21 Release Notes to Get Full Details >>