Ibcos Gold Spring 2021 Release (v7.24.6 & v7.24.7)

New Features / Updates to Gold Service

We are pleased to confirm that the following improvements have been made in the Gold Service Portal and will be available in v7.24.7 of Gold:

  • We have provided an option to include the name, date and time stamps of the data that is added into the story box on the job completion screen (from the engineers raw data).
  • You can now see the Labour Comments and General Comments added to the job in the App in both the Engineers and Data tabs of the Portal.

An updated Gold Service App will be released soon, and a further communication will be sent out to Gold Service customers only to confirm the exact date of this release. This will include the following change:

  • The comments tab will be updated to include the Story and Labour Comments added by engineers in the App. This information will also show in the ‘Work Completion’ screen.


Download the v7.24.6 & v7.24.7 Release Notes to Get Full Details >>