Inventory Management in the Palm of Your Hand with the

Ibcos Gold Parts App

A mobile application for dealerships’ parts departments, allowing users to complete existing parts control processes whilst working away from a terminal. The hi-speed and performance application can be used on any device with a modern web browser, including smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

It gives you the ability to access Gold Parts data anywhere and retrieve all your stock, all while utilising cutting edge technology and providing an intuitive user interface.


Our Gold Parts App lets you: 

Liberate Your Parts Department

Give your parts team the freedom to move about the stores and free up your team from handwritten paper records.

Save Time and Effort for Everyday Tasks

Complete processes whilst ‘on the move’ around the parts warehouse and record data on a mobile device with no need to return to the terminal for data entry.

Access Real Time Updates in Gold

Immediate updates to Gold in real time providing live accurate pricing details and availability.

Reduce Duplication of Tasks

Increase accuracy and efficiency of process and no rekeying of data is necessary.

Use an Ibcos Supported Solution

Offers native Gold integration with no need to continue using the unsupported PDA or third-party solutions.

Cut Down on Human Error

On-screen prompts with a clear digital display help reduce errors in recording data and encourage adherence to record keeping.


Watch our Gold Parts App Webinar Recording below:


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