We have been working on our new Multi Engineer feature. This feature will be available in both Gold Service 1.0 and Gold Service 2.0.


What is the Multi Engineer Feature?

The Multi Engineer feature allows more than one engineer to work on the same job and each engineer can submit their own data on the App. This data will then feed back to the Portal to be reviewed and amended, as necessary. On the portal, you can also choose which sets of data you use to build up the job story and job confirmation, whilst retaining the original data submitted by the engineers. This data includes:

  • Clock Hours
  • Mileage
  • Parts Notes
  • Story Notes
  • Serial Numbers
  • Signatures


What will change?

The main change is that the job completion process will move from the App to the Portal.

Currently, when an engineer marks a job as completed in the App, it will close the job as logged for checking and will stop all other engineers from being able to work on it. To enable more than one engineer to work on the same job at the same time, the job needs to remain open. Therefore, we have changed the process.

The engineers will only see one minor change. When they have finished their job, they will still press the ‘Complete’ button in the App, and the job will change to a new status colour of gold, so they know they have done it. But instead of marking the job as completed (and closing it off to everyone else), the job will remain open. They are now completing their work rather than the job.

When engineers press the ‘Complete’ button in the App, the information will be fed back to the Portal so that the Managers can see who has completed their work on that job, and they can carry out the job completion process.


How will I know when to complete a job in the Portal?

You will see a new column in the jobs tab called ‘Ready to Complete’. When all the engineers working on the job have marked their work as completed within the App, the job will automatically move from the ‘In Progress’ column, to the ‘Ready to Complete’ column. Once you have marked the job as completed, it will move to the ‘Logged’ column. At this point, the job will be in the ‘Logged for Checking’ status.

If required, you can complete jobs at any point, whether all engineers have marked their work as complete or not.


What do I need to do to get this new feature?

Everyone will get this feature once they upgrade to. v7.23 of Gold, and v2.4 of the App. It is imperative that you upgrade to v7.23 of Gold as soon as possible after its release, before you upgrade to v2.4 of the App. This is especially important if your engineers have their phones set to automatically update, because the App triggers the new process.


What will happen if I upgrade the App before Gold?

If the engineers upgrade to v2.4 of the App before you have upgraded to v7.23 of Gold, then Gold Service will no longer work.


When will the upgrades be available?

We are planning to release v7.23 of Gold mid-November and will aim to release v2.4 of the App early in Q1 of 2021. This should give everyone enough time to ensure they have upgraded to Gold v7.23, and to understand the changes this new feature will bring before the engineers upgrade to v2.4 of the App.


Where can I find more information about the Multi Engineer Feature?

You can prepare for this feature by visiting the Gold Service page on the Customer Portal, watching our instruction video and reading the instruction manuals.  You can find all the information you need here:

Alternatively, you can speak to your account manager.