Redefine Your Workshop Experience with Ibcos Gold Service

Could your workshop use an efficiency boost?

If so, consider utilising Ibcos Gold Service– our powerful mobile app and web portal designed to help your engineers and back-office staff improve customer service, drive efficiencies and bolster the bottom line.


Go Mobile

Go Mobile

Phase out expensive hardware and get more out of the mobile devices you already have.

Streamline Engineers' Work

Streamline Engineers’ Work

Empower your engineers to manage their admin time more effectively.

Get Data Faster

Get Data Faster

Immediately access the data submitted by your engineers from any depot via an intuitive web interface.

Improve Cash Flow

Improve Cash Flow

Invoice more frequently to positively impact your cash flow.

Manage Admin Time Better

Manage Admin Time Better

Save time on manual re-keying and use it to proactively engage more customers.

Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Take the next step towards a paperless workshop and boost your income in the process.



Mobile Job Management for Engineers Ibcos Gold
Service 2.0
Ibcos Gold
Service 1.0

View Jobs

Access jobs remotely and view their description, instructions and customer details. Quickly see jobs for today, tomorrow and in progress as well as look up specific jobs using the Search function.

Record Travel and Labour Times

Easily start and stop time on travel and labour for the jobs being worked on.

Update the Job Story

Manually enter or dictate what has been worked on throughout the job; customisable job stories are available to prompt the engineer to enter the right information for warranty jobs.

Capture Wholegood Information

Add the clock hours, serial number and registration of the wholegood.

Capture the Customer Signature

Ask the customer to sign their name using the E-Signature method.

Add Images to a Job

Take photos with the mobile device’s camera or choose them from the camera roll to add to a job and then send them to the web portal for approval.

Complete Checklists on the App

Assign Checklists to jobs for the engineers to complete in the App. The information is then fed back to the Portal.

Use Parts on a Job

View parts allocated to a job and mark them as collected, used or returned, as well as add extra stock to the job. This information is then available in the web portal.

Save Jobs as ‘Favourites’

Mark jobs as ‘favourites,’ which will store them in the engineer’s personal favourites menu, making it easier to access them and removing the need to search for them.

Back-Office Administration & Management Ibcos Gold
Service 2.0
Ibcos Gold
Service 1.0

Access Engineer Time Entries

Review, add, amend and authorise time entries for engineers after receiving them from the mobile app.

View and Edit Jobs

Search for jobs and view, edit and approve the details, including the story, customer and wholegood information, labour, documents and history.

View Engineers Details

Easily pull up engineer information such as lunch times, skill level, working hours and assigned depot.

Approve Images on a Job

View and approve the images engineers add to their jobs – or add them yourself directly from the web portal.

Manage Parts on a job

View the stock allocated to an engineer and a job to see what has been used or returned, making it easier to manage the parts quantities to be added to the invoice.

Create Stock Take Reports

Generate stock take reports for parts allocated to a job and stock allocated to an engineer.

Locate Your Engineers

Use GPS tracking to pinpoint the exact location of the engineer (recorded each time they start or stop logging time on a job).

Complete Checklist on the Apps

Create Checklists in the Portal and configure them to be Mandatory / Non-Mandatory and completed at the start, during or end of a job. These Checklists can then be assigned to a job for the engineer to complete in the App and the information is fed back to the Portal to review and amend as necessary.


How Gold Service Helps Dealers Succeed

“We have worked with Gold Service for nearly three years, throughout which we were involved with a lot of the development. We can safely say that the technology has been universally adopted by all our teams and has brought about significant changes to the way we manage our service departments. We have seen some real efficiency improvements, increases in recovery rates and reductions in days-to-invoice – not to mention benefits such as monitoring the team for lone working and so on. All of these can be seen in the increased department profitability, which is significantly outweighing the cost of the technology. The Gold Service Mobile App opens the door for further technology improvements and streamlining the department over the coming years.” – Tom Jobling, Group Service Manager, Ripon Farm Services

“We have found that Gold Service has allowed us to streamline some of our administration processes by reducing the input time of data from job cards to Gold. It is also allowing us to better manage the volume of photos required to support warranty claims, allowing us to easily transfer them into the Ibcos document storage module. The functionality of the app on the mobile phone gives the engineer a much clearer view of what he is doing and the jobs that he needs to complete or process.” – James Grimwood, Group Aftersales Manager, G&J Peck Limited.


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