We want to remind you that our new Multi Engineer feature in Gold Service will be released soon with v7.23 of Gold and v2.4 of the Gold Service App!

This new feature will allow more than one engineer to work on the same job, with each engineer submitting data that will be fed back to the Portal. This data can be used to build up the job story and job confirmation.


What will change?

The main change is that the job completion process will move from the App to the Portal.

Currently, when an engineer marks a job as completed in the App, it will close the job as logged for checking, and will stop all other engineers from being able to work on it. To enable more than one engineer to work on the same job at the same time, the job needs to remain open. Therefore, we have changed the process, and now jobs will be marked as completed in the Portal.

You must mark the jobs as completed in the Portal, and not in Gold. If a job is marked as completed in Gold and then the status of the job is changed, the job could show up in an incorrect Portal column.

The engineers will only see a couple of minor changes. When they have finished their job, they will still press the ‘Complete’ button in the App, and the job will change to a new status colour of gold, so they know they have done it. But instead of marking the job as completed (and closing it off to everyone else), the job will remain open. They are now completing their work rather than the job. There is also a new Comments tab where engineers working on the same job can communicate with each other.

When engineers press the ‘Complete’ button in the App, the information will be fed back to the Portal so that the Managers can see who has completed their work. When they are ready, they can mark the job as completed from within the Portal.


What else do I need to know?

Everyone will get this feature once they upgrade to v7.23 of Gold, and v2.4 of the App. We want to remind you that it is imperative that you upgrade to v7.23 of Gold before your engineers upgrade to v2.4 of the App. If you do not upgrade Gold first, then your engineers will have no way of marking a job as completed in the App, and you will have no way of marking jobs as completed in the portal. You will still be able to invoice jobs in Gold, but the portal processes would no longer work properly.

Please ensure you upgrade to v7.23 as soon as possible after its release.


Where can I find more information about the Multi Engineer Feature?

If you would like to find out more about the Multi Engineer feature and the changes it will bring, you can visit the Gold Service page on the Customer Portal, where you’ll find links to the instruction manuals. Alternatively, you can speak to your account manager.