Our R&D Team is Changing for the Better: Find Out How!

We’re pleased to announce that several big changes are coming to our Research & Development (R&D) team.

Change #1: We’re Splitting It into Four Teams

We’re splitting our two current Research & Development (R&D) teams – Core and Initiatives – into four smaller teams, with three developers per team. The reason for this change is to ensure that we can deliver various software updates and initiatives to you much faster.

We also promoted Stuart Cranston and Dan Maple, our software developers, to lead the two new teams. So, please join us in congratulating both of them as they take on these new roles.

Change #2: Welcome Tony Hunt and Martin Bryant!

We also have two new people joining the R&D team this April – Tony Hunt and Martin Bryant. Tony joined us on 1st April, while Martin came on board on 8th April.

Tony is taking on the role of our new Quality Assurance Team Lead, having previously worked at Gilmond – an IT systems and services provider to the energy retail sector. Tony has many years of experience in leading teams and a proven track record with software testing and quality assurance.

As for Martin, he is our new Software Developer. It’s his first job in the field, having spent many years in the banking and insurance industries. For several years, he has used his spare time to learn and understand the skills needed to develop software. During our interview process, Martin was able to prove that he has the ability and desire to become a great software developer. We have full confidence that he will!

We’re looking forward to seeing both Tony and Martin deliver great work in the coming months, and we hope that you’re just as excited for the future of Ibcos as we are.

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