3 New Ibcos Customers Go Live with Gold Software

We’re pleased to announce that three of our new customers have gone live with the Ibcos Gold system, including JG Plant, MJN Tractors and WBD Farm Machinery.
JG Plant, located in Bridgend, Wales, and MJN Tractors of Selsey, West Sussex, have both taken over the depots of former Gold users. As a result, they were already quite familiar with our software, though in the case of JG Plant, only one of its two depots had experience with Gold. Our team still had plenty of training to do during the go-live process – to make sure everyone knew what to do and how to use the system.

On the other hand, WBD Farm Machinery – an AGCO and Maschio Gaspardo dealer located in County Dublin, Ireland – had no prior exposure to Gold, but the team was very quick to catch on.

“Training is a huge component of what we do here at Ibcos,” said Collette Convery, the Managing Director at Ibcos. “After all, we don’t just want to sell a system – we want to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers and help them grow in the process.”

Since our work is never finished, even more dealers are already on the way towards going live with Ibcos Gold. Those curious about the system or its additional modules should check out our product pages.

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