Ibcos Gold v7.11 Software Release

Product ReleaseKey Features

Document Store
We are pleased to announce that creating a copy company with an associated Document Store now results in the “original” company being saved on the company control file.

Thanks to this feature, documents are displayed from their original company, which is particularly useful when recalling transactions in Archive Companies to view the original document.


Invoice Printing – Currency Symbol

We have added the ability to print the currency description or symbol at the bottom of all invoices without needing a licence for the multi-currency module. We have also added:

  • A new flag to the Currency Maintenance to control whether the currency description is printed on invoices.
  • A setup to ensure that the currency symbol prints correctly when adding notes to an email to be sent from Gold.

NOTE: Additional printer options need to be set to ensure this works consistently for both Windows and Classic Gold, and we offer a factsheet that explains how this is set up.


Engineer Rates

We have added a “leaving date” to the Engineer file to indicate fitters who have left the business, so that they are excluded by default from lookup lists and when entering labour.

This allows you to maintain all the history transactions and prevent further use of fitters who have left.

NOTE: Excluded fitters can still be accessed via the Engineer Rates program and via a function key or by manual entry of labour.

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Book Additional Training or Consultancy

If you would like to find out how you can further benefit from any of the new enhancements or if you are interested in getting even more out of your Gold solution, why not consider some additional training or consultancy? Our team of experts are always on hand to ensure our customers are using the system to its fullest potential and achieving the maximum return on their investment with Ibcos Gold. To book training or consultancy, please contact your Area Sales Consultant or our Poole Office at +44 (0) 1202 714200 or email sales@ibcos.co.uk.


Request an Upgrade

All developments are completed in the latest version of Gold, currently v7.11. To obtain the latest update for your system, please e-mail updates@ibcos.co.uk. Users who have earlier versions of Gold, particularly v5.6-v6.4, will need to upgrade to v7 in order to take advantage of the new functionalities. For more information on upgrades, contact your Area Sales Consultant or the Ibcos Poole office at + 44 (0) 1202 714200 .