See How We’re Making Our Customer Support Service Faster & Better

We’ve heard your survey feedback and are now making several key adjustments to our customer support service, including a focus on our response times.


What We’re Doing to Improve Our Support

Although we close 65% of tickets on the day we receive them, and historically, our focus has been on issue resolution, we’ve directed all our efforts towards improving our response times.


This is how we intend to get there:

  • Set the right expectations. We have developed a new application to monitor our response time performance based on ticket priority. Though this is still in its pilot phase, we’ll soon be sharing our target response times with you to ensure we meet those targets.


  • Let you manage your tickets. You can now sign up to our Ticket Portal to manage your open tickets and even find answers from your historic tickets. Learn more below or sign up now. 


  • Build up our Customer Portal. We’ve added more resources to our Customer Portal to answer your questions, including the guides and videos in our Self-Help and Training sections.


  • Hire more talent. Over the last few months, we have brought in new, high-calibre talent to the Support Department. While we know it takes time to bring new people to proficiency, we firmly believe in building the right team.


  • Become “less” busy. We’ve brought in additional resources to help us respond to you faster during this busy period.


  • Update our Support Department structure. We’ve introduced an additional new Team Leader position to organise our team based on specific product areas. That way, we can route your query directly to the analysts that specialise in the area you need help with.


NOTE: Due to the nature of the changes we are making, it will take a few months for the improvements to be fully effective.


Support Ticket Survey Results

See the results of the ticket survey we launched earlier this year to measure customer satisfaction. Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to complete it – the response rate and your engagement have been great!


Here are the results:

The knowledge of our team:

91% of customers rate this as good or excellent.


The level of customer service our team provides:

91% of customers rate this as good or excellent.


Our initial response time:

    77% of customers rate this as good or excellent.


NOTE:  Traditionally our busiest periods of the year are January, March and April, October and November, and this will inevitably affect our response times.  Please refer to our Customer Portal for self-help and training resources and access to our Ticket Portal.


Why You Should Sign Up to Our Ticket Portal Today!

  • Manage your tickets online
  • See the status of our outstanding tickets
  • Add comments to your tickets, such as requesting an update
  • Search historic tickets for answers
  • Have your notes and attachments added directly into our CRM system

Click here to sign up today!


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