Ibcos Gold Summer 2021 Release (v7.25.2)

We wanted to let you know that a July 2021 release (v7.25.2) of Ibcos Gold is coming soon.


Here are a few highlights from the release:

Improvements to Fraud Prevention Headers
We have taken further steps to ensure the submissions to HMRC for VAT, are meeting their recommended fraud prevention standards.  These are continuous changes by HMRC, to ensure the electronic submissions are as secure as possible, for all software providers.  Please note if this update is not loaded, it will not prevent  your MTD VAT submission being submitted, they are improvements to our already robust fraud prevention methods, that are already in place.

Performance improvements in Windows Gold

  • Loading speeds of large lists
  • Scheduler Initial load time

Manufacturer Integrations

There are some enhancements included in this release


If you would like more detailed information on the July 2021 release click here.

All developments are completed in the latest version of Gold, currently v7.25.2. Users who have earlier versions of Gold, particularly v5.6-v6.4, will need to upgrade to v7 in order to take advantage of new functionality.