Ibcos Gold Winter 2019 Release (v7.20)

We’re proud to give you details on the latest features in this year’s Winter release (v7.20) of Ibcos Gold:


Wholegood Lookup

We have added a new option to the wholegood lookup where you can check the customer allocation status and therefore list wholegoods allocated to customers.

New options are:

  • Include Allocated Stock
  • Exclude Allocated Stock
  • Allocated Stock Only


Workshop Days Turnaround Report

Fields for Date and Time Last Worked on have been added to the Excel output for this report. This change was implemented following a request to ideas@ibcos.co.uk.

Gold Service:

Customisable Job Stories

These are now fully functioning so that the stories reach the portal immediately after they are saved on the app. Read more about customisable job stories.


Gold Service 2.0

This will be available during February including lots of exciting new features


Download the v7.20 Release Notes to Get Full Details >>