Ibcos Gold Summer 2019 Release (v7.18)

We’re proud to announce that this year’s Summer release (v7.18) of Ibcos Gold is now available. Here are the details on the latest features:


Wholegood Enquiry

A new function is now available known as “Qck Job” that passes the current wholegood number over to the Quick Job Create program in order to create a new workshop job.

Invoice & Self Bill

– As a result of a customer request via ideas@ibcos.co.uk that was subsequently approved by the majority of the customer advisory board it is now possible to change the name and address details for the cash sale account when used in Wholegood Invoice & Self Bill.

In a similar way to Point of Sale, the fields for the wholegood advice are available to edit if a cash sale account is used to record the customer details without the need to set up a new customer account.

No cash or money is taken via Invoice & Self Bill. For VAT purposes it is still recommended that new accounts are created for all wholegood sales.

– As a result of a customer request via ideas@ibcos.co.uk there is now a new company control file flag to allow Hidden Comment Lines to be printed on Wholegood Advice Notes.

The hidden lines are not printed on any other document apart from the Draft Invoice.The Company Control File Wholegoods options have had to be expanded to a new section “Invoice” due to lack of screen space.

This new field appears on this new Invoice section.


Download the v7.18 Release Notes to Get Full Details >>