Ibcos Gold Winter 2019 Release (v7.16)

We’re proud to announce that this year’s winter release (v7.16) of Ibcos Gold is now available. Here are the details on the latest features:


Making Tax Digital

This release contains everything you need to make you compliant with Making Tax Digital including the new digital VAT Return.

What is Making Tax Digital?
Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a UK Government initiative. From April 2019, all UK VAT registered businesses will have to maintain digital records and electronically submit their VAT returns to HMRC. Ibcos has been recognised as a software supplier that supports Making Tax Digital for VAT.

When does it start?
Making Tax Digital begins on your first complete VAT period starting after 1st April 2019. From this date, it will be mandatory for you to submit your VAT returns digitally to HMRC

What are the benefits?
There are many benefits to submitting your VAT returns digitally. Records will be pulled directly from the system, making them more accurate and significantly reducing the risk of human error and miscalculation. It will make the submission process faster, saving you time and all VAT returns will be stored digitally, enabling you to easily view them at a later date

Audit & VAT Report by VAT Code

New reports have been created for both Sales and Purchase Ledgers to produce a report of VAT transaction data in VAT Code sequence. It can be produced for an individual VAT code or for all VAT codes.

As part of an HMRC inspection it is often a requirement to produce a breakdown of transactions for a particular VAT code. This report will provide this information.

Point of Sale

On request from customers the screen shown when ordering parts for an advice or job has been changed so that more of the part stock information can be seen.

This screen change affects both manually ordered parts, kit parts and also imported parts orders.
Duplicated information has been removed and the window moved up to the top of the screen to allow more of the important information to be seen.


Gold Service

Portal/Gold changes: there is improved styling on the time approval page with the addition of borders, headers and footers and an unapproved activities counter. Time can now be added to any day by using a new Add Hours button. There is a new tab called History on the job page showing a real-time view of activities against each job. Scheduler includes status updates from Gold Service jobs.

App changes: the Day Summary has additional information including seconds against Job Duration and icons to show if jobs have been uploaded successfully


Download the v7.16 Release Notes to Get Full Details >>


Download the Gold Service Release Notes to Get Full Details >>