Ibcos Gold Autumn 2018 Release (v7.15)

We’re proud to announce that this year’s autumn release (v7.15) of Ibcos Gold is now available. Here are the details on the latest features:


MTD Stage 2 changes

To continue complying with the Making Tax Digital (MTD) legislation, you now have the following abilities:

  • VAT health check: New changes have been made to the Customer and Supplier sections as follows:
    • Fail – Accounts in this section have Apply VAT set to ‘No’ but do not have a valid default VAT code. These do need correcting prior to running a VAT Return. For GB accounts, the simplest option is to add the GB country code as the first 2 characters of the VAT number then a default VAT code is not required. For accounts outside of the UK, the default VAT code needs to be entered.
    • Check – Accounts in this section have Apply Vat set to ‘Yes’ but do not have a country code as the first 2 characters of the VAT number or do not have a VAT number at all. These can be ignored although it is recommended that the country code is set for ALL accounts. Check out this factsheet to learn more.
  • Digital VAT Return: We are working with a small number of pilot sites to further test and validate the new VAT Return process.


New Finance Scheme

A new finance scheme has been developed with Hitachi Finance to allow the financing of stocked Wholegoods and Plant.

For more information please contact sales@ibcos.co.uk

Sales Analysis

A new selection has been added to the Parts Sales Analysis Report to allow the report to be produced in Point of Sale operator sequence or Sub Totalled by POS Operator allowing sales by operator to be analysed.


Download the v7.15 Release Notes to Get Full Details >>