Ibcos Gold Summer 2018 Release (v7.14)

We’re proud to announce that this year’s autumn release (v7.14) of Ibcos Gold is now available. Here are the details on the latest features:

GDPR Stage 2 changes

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in full effect, you now have even more options for making compliance easier, including the following:

  • CRM extract / print mailshot: The enhanced “Export to PC” option lets you export the GDPR marketing flags with the export file.
  • Customer address labels: You can now set your marketing preferences, so that only customers who have agreed to marketing by post will have a label produced.
  • Customer extract lists: The Customer Extract and Outlook Extract now have the marketing preference fields within their respective output files.
  • Mass customer deletion program: You can now delete unused accounts using a program accessible via the Customer Modification menu. Customers with no current transactions and no historic transactions within 84 months can be deleted along with all the related data removed. Check out this factsheet to learn more.


MTD Stage 1 changes

To prepare for the upcoming Making Tax Digital (MTD) legislation, you now have the following abilities:

  • VAT health check: With the newly added VAT health-check program, you can check if your company has the correct setup for running the digital VAT return process. We recommend that you run this program as soon as possible. You should then run it periodically in case of changes.
  • New VAT type options: Each existing Zero Rated or Exempt VAT Rate needs to be checked to ensure the correct VAT Type has been selected. This needs to be carried out as soon as possible and before running a VAT return. For example, zero-rated sales/purchases to an EU country are categorised differently on the VAT return from the zero-rated UK transactions.


Wholegood Enquiry updates

You can now customize your wholegood reports even more with little to no effort thanks to:

  • The “Report WSJ Details” option
  • The ability to print the “Summary – No Financials” report as per the summary format, but without any costs or other financial information
  • The ability to print the “Summary – No Financials” report for warranty jobs via a newly added prompt


Download the v7.14 Release Notes to Get Full Details >>