Ibcos Gold Winter 2021 Release (v7.24)

Job Request Portal

The Job Request Portal enables alerts from telematics systems to be quickly and easily turned into workshop jobs. This currently works with 2 manufacturers, John Deere and JCB, and we are talking to other manufacturers about how they can use this too.

A number of enhancements have been made to the Job Request Portal in this release.

  • Filtering: A labelling system has been introduced into the portal to automatically categorise alerts as they are received.
  • Engineer List: Engineers are now displayed in alphabetical order when creating a job and assigning an engineer, making it easier to locate the required engineer.
  • Tooltip: A tooltip has been added to the Job Request Portal. When hovering over a machine from the list a popup window will display details for the machine.


Download the v7.24 Release Notes to Get Full Details >>