Ibcos Gold Summer 2020 Release (v7.22)

MTD VAT Return Changes

For v7 of Gold, the Making Tax Digital module has now been enhanced to comply even more stringently with HMRC fraud prevention requirements.

In addition to this, when submitting the VAT return in Classic Gold, the HMRC Government gateway website will now be opened directly for you in the internet browser that is used for the online Gold manuals.  You will still receive your email with a link to the HMRC Government Gateway.

For Windows Gold the method is unchanged and you will continue to get the email sent to your email address as normal.


Point of Sale – Deposit Information

When recalling an existing advice that has any deposit activity on it a warning will now be displayed to make the user aware of this.

This has been done to prevent the situation where a deposit has been taken but then all parts removed from the advice which then leaves the advice locked.


Gold Service

Our new ‘Multi Authorisation’ feature in the Gold Service Portal, originally planned for v7.2,1 is now available in v7.22.

This feature merges the In Progress and Logged tabs on the Job screen into one page for easier viewing and will also enable more than one person to check a job in the portal before it is invoiced to the customer.

Full details can be found here.


Download the v7.22 Release Notes to Get Full Details >>