Ibcos Gold Autumn 2020 Release (v7.23)

Gold Service – Multi Engineer

As part of v7.23 of Gold and v2.4 of the Gold Service Mobile App, we will be releasing our new Multi Engineer feature. This new feature will allow more than one engineer to work on a job at the same time. Each engineer working on the job can submit data to it which will reach the Portal. This data can be used to build up the job story and job confirmation. The job completion process will move from the Mobile App to the Portal at the point v2.4 of the Mobile App is released.

The upgrade to v7.23 of Gold must be done first. v2.4 of the Mobile App will be released around a month after v7.23 of Gold is available to give everyone time to do this. In the Portal, you’ll see a new column called Ready to Complete, which will be blank until v2.4 of the Mobile App is released. Once released, the Multi Engineer feature will start to work.

To find more information about the Multi Engineer Feature, click here to visit the Gold Service page on our Customer Portal.


Kramp Web Shop – Import of Baskets to Gold

When Kramp updated their Web shop the option to import parts from the Kramp basket was lost.

A new option “Import CSV from Kramp” has now been added to once again allow a file to be created of parts in the shopping basket which can then be imported into Gold either to a Point of Sale advice note, Cash Till invoice or Stock Order.

A factsheet detailing the process can be found here.


Download the v7.23 Release Notes to Get Full Details >>