WATCH: Exciting Product Changes and Roadmap Review

Watch this webinar to see a review of 2019 and a look forward into 2020 and beyond. It covers updates from the different teams within Ibcos and looks at manufacturer and supplier integrations, key product initiatives and core enhancements.


Questions and Answers


Gold Service – does the customer signature now go onto the job card or does it still sit on the portal for a short amount of time before being removed?

The customer signature goes onto the job confirmation on the portal, which can be downloaded as a PDF. Right now, jobs only remain visible in the portal until they are invoiced, after which time they are removed. However, we are looking to develop a function where you can access historical jobs through the portal and see all the related information, including the job confirmation with the customer signature.


Gold Service – is there a function where we can enter a location for engineers to collect parts from, that will display on the Gold Service 2.0 mobile app?

Not at the moment. We appreciate that it is good practice for dealers to have specific bin locations for parts collections so we do think that this would be good to consider for a future enhancement. One suggestion we have is to put some comments into the instructions on the workshop job so that engineers know where to go and collect the parts from.


Gold Service – adding photos to a job. We currently do this by email, which also has a resize function, in order to stop huge file sizes. What will the Gold Service mobile app do to manage photo sizes?

Within the settings function on the Gold Service mobile app, you can choose the default setting for images – small, medium or large. This is applicable to all images sent.


Gold Sales mobile app – is the length of time for a reservation customisable?

This is something that was in the original scope of the project, but was removed after feedback from our early adopters. Different machines would need different time limits e.g. a combine deal may need a reservation for 1 month whereas a mower deal may only need 2-3 days. We discussed using group codes, but it became clear that these are used in different ways by our dealers making a solution overly complex to develop.

We decided to tap into the existing reservation process on Gold. Although the user that reserved the machine originally, can remove the reservation on the Gold Sales mobile app, this removal can also be done in Gold as part of the Wholegood administration process. To help, you can run a report showing all items that are reserved with the name of the person and the date/time of reservation.


Gold Sales mobile app – will this be another chargeable addition? If yes, can I please suggest the competition is checked as the costs for Ibcos are spiralling with new features that are being added. These features are already standard in cheaper alternative packages.

 Yes, the Gold Sales mobile app will be chargeable based on a per user licence. The product has been benchmarked and we think that the return on investment will make this product very popular with our dealers. We are conscious of costs for our dealers and strive to create solutions that will make you more efficient and provide savings to your overall costs.


Gold Sales – what is the filtering of wholegoods by ‘Category’? Where was a search by wholegood group code?

 We have used the existing wholegood web classifications feature in Gold. Whilst its intended purpose is for uploading wholegoods to websites, it’s perfect for our Gold Sales mobile app too. This feature allows you to create a web classification against a group code. You could have a one-to-one relationship where there is a corresponding web classification for every group code. However, it is more likely that you will have a one-to-many relationship where a single web classification contains multiple group codes.

We may look to develop something separate in the future, specifically for the Gold Sales mobile app, but for now it will remain as it is.


Are there any plans to provide a scanner based system for warehouse control for receiving goods in?

Yes, we do have some plans for this. We previously talked to our Customer Advisory Board members and there was certainly interest in a development centred on parts, especially around the goods receipt process and the ability to obtain a customer signature as proof of delivery. However, the message from our customers was clear in that the higher priority was service. As a result, this is where we have focused our attention over the last 12-18 months.

The development for a parts app is on our ideas board for scoping and we plan to start looking at this later in the year.


Are there any plans to introduce an Open API connection to allow third party integrations e.g. Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce?

Yes, this is being looked at as part of the Ibcos future strategy for our Gold software. We are in the very early stages of discussion, seeing how this could be accommodated. Look out for updates as we move forwards.


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