Advertise, Sell and Buy Aged Inventory with Ease

Ibcos Gold Parts Marketplace

Fully integrated with Ibcos Gold, the Gold Parts Marketplace is designed for dealerships to advertise their aged inventory to other dealers. It gives sellers full control over choosing which stock to advertise, and buyers the ability to purchase parts through familiar Gold routines.


Sell Your Aged Inventory

Is your parts department overflowing with aged stock? Advertising on the Gold Parts Marketplace makes this stock available to a nationwide, multi-franchise dealer network, where customers may have demand for your inventory.

Create Listings Quickly and Easily

Simply filter your Gold parts into lists of those you want to advertise, then generate thousands of listings at the click of a button.

Automate Sales Documents

Purchase orders and advice notes are generated automatically for your marketplace transactions, saving you the time of manual entry.

Create Warehouse Space

Start clearing the shelves occupied by your aged inventory and make room for more relevant items with higher stock turnover.

Open a New Sales Channel for Parts

Satisfy the customer needs of dealerships nationwide with parts you no longer need.

Reduce Buybacks and Disposal

Generate more revenue from your aged parts inventory compared with buyback schemes or disposal.

Free to Advertise and Buy

It’s free to advertise, browse and buy parts through the marketplace. You only pay a fee for the parts you sell.


Buy Parts at Discounted Prices

Are you searching for discounted, discontinued, or difficult-to-find parts? With the Gold Parts Marketplace you can easily look for these parts from the comfort of Gold. You can request parts at the click of a button and allocate them to an advice note or workshop job.

Improve Margins with Lower Costs

Other dealers may discount their aged inventory, and you can improve your parts sales margins by ordering at a lower cost.

Use Gold Ordering Routines

Quickly order marketplace parts to fulfil advice notes and workshop jobs in Gold Classic and Windows.

Coming Soon

Create bulk stock orders from marketplace sellers, and order parts for franchises you don’t stock.




Terms & Conditions

Gold Marketplace Info Sheet

User Guide for Setup and Listings Management

Buyer’s User Guide

Seller’s User Guide


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