Ibcos Will No Longer Sell PCs, Laptops and Wireless Access Points

Attention all Ibcos Customers:

We would like to inform you that after careful analysis and deliberation, we have decided to stop selling PCs, laptops and wireless access points because the margin achieved in doing so is too low to justify the effort of selling and supporting them. This change has already taken effect as we’re currently only honouring the remaining outstanding orders.

Our support desk data suggests that most of you are already buying your PCs, laptops and wireless access points elsewhere, so this should have minimal impact on our business relationship with you.


Tips for Purchasing PCs and Laptops from Other Vendors

Most modern PCs and laptops are capable of running Gold, but we do not recommend that you use Apple Macs as they are very complex to configure.

The specification below indicates what you would need to run Gold:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 @ ~2Ghz or better (or similar)
  • RAM: minimum 4GB, 8GB recommended
  • HDD: 1GB space free
  • Screen: 1024 x 768 or larger
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro

IMPORTANT NOTE: Windows 10 is not supported on some older setups. For details of compatibility please see this document. 

If you plan to use the PC for other purposes, such as viewing parts catalogues that contain graphics, you should opt for a higher specification.


Our Related Services

We WILL continue to:

  • Supply Tun licenses and assistance in connecting PCs and laptops to Gold, exporting from Gold, loading payroll or configuring ODBC access.
  • Supply printers, as these are less time-consuming to configure.

NOTE: We are working to reduce the complexity of connecting PCs and laptops to Gold and will provide more information on this project as it progresses.

We WILL NOT continue to:

  • Provide advice, unrelated to Gold, on general PC set-up via our support desk. Any such requests will be fulfilled only on the understanding that a Time and Materials charge will be levied.


Finally, we will honour any existing orders for PCs and laptops, and fulfil any valid outstanding quotations signed and returned up to the end of April 2017.