Ibcos Gold v7.12 Software Release

Key Features

New Fixed Assets Module

This is a new chargeable module to cater fully for Fixed Assets. Please contact sales@ibcos.co.uk for a quotation.

The Enhanced Fixed Assets Register module has been designed to give a full Fixed Asset Register process including:

  • Asset Groups created per depot to specify default depreciation options (Straight Line or Reducing Balance) and provide the link to the nominal accounts.
  • Asset categories can be created to further analyse assets
  • Individual asset creation with each asset assigned to a group, specifying purchase information and depreciation details
  • Asset Enquiry program to give a view only detail of assets
  • Depreciation program to calculate and post depreciation values each month
  • Create purchase orders for new assets
  • Post supplier invoices against asset purchase orders
  • Miscellaneous cost posting allowing additional capital to be posted
  • Option to transfer assets to and from wholegoods or plant
  • Option to transfer assets between depots
  • Raise a sales invoice on disposal of assets
  • Produce a report of current assets

Order Lookup

A Parts Order Lookup has been created to easily find existing parts purchase orders.

Orders can be retrieved by:

  • Order Number
  • Supplier Order Number
  • Supplier Account Number
  • Prefix Code

Additional criteria can be used to restrict by order status, date range and order type.

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Watch the Recording

Our Product Management team hosted a webinar on February 13th where they went through key new features and enhancements in the product. Click to watch the full recording:


Book Additional Training or Consultancy

If you would like to find out how you can further benefit from any of the new enhancements or if you are interested in getting even more out of your Gold solution, why not consider some additional training or consultancy? Our team of experts are always on hand to ensure our customers are using the system to its fullest potential and achieving the maximum return on their investment with Ibcos Gold. To book training or consultancy, please contact your Area Sales Consultant or our Poole Office at +44(0) 1202 714200 or email sales@ibcos.co.uk.

Request an Upgrade

All developments are completed in the latest version of Gold, currently v7.12. To obtain the latest update for your system, please e-mail updates@ibcos.co.uk. Users who have earlier versions of Gold, particularly v5.6-v6.4, will need to upgrade to v7 in order to take advantage of the new functionalities. For more information on upgrades, contact your Area Sales Consultant or the Ibcos Poole office at +44(0) 1202 714200.